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IrmaMesa 1 year ago
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Welcome to the official Cafecito Community (Open Forum)! 

Irma here! Welcome, welcome. Super pumped to kick off our community for Cafecito. I have loved getting to know some of you via our coffee chats and I'm excited to build a casual space here where we can all pop in daily to chat outside of our live coffee chats. This community is open for questions, meeting new people, helping each other, sharing your workspace or what you're doing outside of work. And even posting about all the remote work and quarantine related challenges you're going through.

Reminder that I'll be sharing every so often - Come as you are. Be kind to one another. And pop back in daily to see what everyone's up to.

What's next?

Browse the community by checking out channels or pin your favorite posts to keep up to date on new comments. To join, click “Sign up” with your email. Then you can:

  1. Use General to post questions, share stories or challenges you're facing as you work from home, tell us about what coffee you're brewing, or drop a link to an article you came across and let us discuss.

  2. Introduce yourself and tell us what brought you here.

  3. Share your small or big wins! No matter how small they're worth celebrating!

  4. Share/Learn projects you’ve built and ask for feedback

  5. Post product(feature request) or improvements you'd like to see.

Other housekeeping

  1. No spam. Ever.

  2. Post in any of the channels available at any time of the day.

  3. Subscribe to posts by pinning or "heart-ing" the post.

  4. Comment within a post to share your perspective or your thoughts.

  5. Once we have the Cafecito web app this community will be easily accessible from within the app itself.

  6. Invite a friend! Point them over to sign up for Cafecito and then share them the link to our community.

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